Wim Hof Breathing Method

In a previous post I wrote about the importance of deep breathing. In this post I expose what I have done in this area. I am doing the Wim Hof breathing method each day now since a little more than a month. How I do the Wim Hof Breathing method How I do it is … Read more

How Important is Health to You?

How does pain feel when you can not avoid it? I am at work. One hour later I feel my head like trapped in an iron fist. I can no longer concentrate on the computer. I asked for a sick leave. Some minutes later I shivered the whole way to the metro station. It is … Read more

Why I stopped Believing in Personal Development

Part 1: the naive student From 2007 till mid 2019, I listened to audio programs or video shows of the following motivational speakers: Brian Tracy Abraham-Hicks Tarak Alsouidane Salah Saleh Al-Rached Larry Winget Tony Robbins Robert Kyosaki Eric Thomas I neither read nor heard of them having some big real-life achievements, besides scoring a best … Read more

Understand Basic VXLAN Concepts

In this article I expose my study notes on the VXLAN technology with the Nexus 9000 product family, in both NX-OS and ACI mode. What is the purpose of VXLAN? Any network engineer can tell that we have a limitation with VLANs: we can have a maximum of 4094 unique VLANs on a single layer … Read more