Your 40%

If you ever listened to David Goggins in his audio-book, you would have heard about the 40% rule.

Basically what it stipulates, is that we operate at our perceived maximum potential which is really no more than 40%.

Since I was taking the Goggins model to heart, I started constantly pushing my limit physically. And yesterday, I reached my 40%.

I did my shopping, did my Insanity Max 30 workout, took a shower, ate my dinner and started doing research on money investment. I read charts, studies, general financial tips, etc.

This continued until around 10:45pm where I got a strong headache and I could not fixate my eyes on anything! I got very dizzy. I could neither stand still, nor sleep. Whenever I tried to lay my head on the pill, I got stronger headaches and a strong sense to vomit. I started breathing deeper. Many images are flipping in a circle around my head. They did not want to stop.

I did not want to wake up my spouse. I literally crawled on the floor towards some medicines in the drawer, swallowed a pill and took a sip of water, then reached to the light switch, turned it off, lit the torch of my handy and took a crouching position in the sofa.

At that time I did not think about nothing but getting back healthy. I would have sacrificed all the money I had to get back healthy. If that is not a test of my belief system, then I don’t know what it is.

I am glad today that I’ve pushed myself near my 40%. I still do not know if I can reach it again, because my “protective switch” still trigger whenever I exhaust myself physically. But it’s 100% worth it.

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