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Working as a Network Engineer

When you tell people that you work as a network engineer, clients usually think that you are “Mr All-computer-stuff”. They expect you to fix any computer issue they have at work. They may even ask you to help them open a file attachment that their sister-in-law sent to them in a mail they received in their spam inbox!

For example, I once tried to explain many times to a client that I ‘m the networking guy, not the server one. He didn’t stop telling me about the thousand dinars transaction waiting to be processed, about his busy schedule, about the delays in processing clients requests…as if cared that much :)
He did not give a darn. I was hungry, thirsty, tired, all sweaty in that very hot day.
When you practice network engineering, the goal is not to show your skills. It’s solving a technical problem, whether the solution is to unplug a cable or to add a new module to the network.
I remember I once changed a network cable for the CEO. I told him later that everything was in order, so he thanked me like I was his hero :)

So, working as a network engineer may include:

  • to accept being alone, responsible and under pressure often times,
  • to be patient (this is especially true when you feel hungry)
  • to be curious, to be willing to acquire new knowledge, to know how things technically work together,
  • to re-arrange his own life every time he discovers an interesting idea or fact,
  • to learn soft skills, and not appear like a geek in the eyes of mortal people
  • to grow everyday, and to re-engineer his life.

(photo credit: Erik Charlton)

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