Why I Decided to Switch Off Keto

I have been on Keto since more than one year now. I enjoyed some benefits if I compared my physical and mental health to the pre-Keto lifestyle.

But my wife is telling me that I “looked” less healthy than before. It is not about being in shape or overweight. True I am not overweight anymore. It’s that my face looks tired and gives the impression of malnutrition.

Besides that, I am feeling not that great anymore; when I eat my meals off the normal schedules, I feel low on energy. Also when I have some additional physical strain, the effect persists until the next day!

I thought I was having a healthy nutrition plan since I switched to keto. But being conscious of my body, I think I need some tweaks.

Considering the Mediterranean diet

My mother is well versed in the nutrition topics, although she has no formal nutrition study background. She constantly recommends me the Mediterranean diet, with the premise that I get everything my body would need: fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. But I always disagree with her on two major points: grains and quantities.

On the way to work I smell delicious bakeries which remind me of my previous lifestyle. In addition to that, my wife and kids enjoy from time to time a well-baked and cheesed pizza at home. Occasionally I smell pop corn in the house. If that is not called temptation, then what?

So I’ve been tempted to switch to the mediterranean diet, until I’ve read an article on Mark Sisson’s blog about grains. To summarize it, grains have never been made to be eaten!

Considering the Paleo diet

So I basically do not want to switch back to a high-carb lifestyle. It’s like replacing solar energy with fossil fuel. I needed a diet or a eating lifestyle that does not wave far off from keto, but allows me to eat quality food that were not allowed by keto.

And that’s where Paleo comes in place.

So in the coming days I am going to switch to Paleo lifestyle and see what happens.

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