My Cisco VTP Notes

In this post, I expose some of my notes about Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) on Cisco gear.

VTP and Pruning

  • VLAN 1 is not eligible for pruning. So when you try to prune it manually on a switch, you get the following IOS error message:vtp

VLAN 1 does not appear on the list of VTP pruned VLANs by the way:vtp

  • Only on the VTP server can we set the “vtp pruning” command, which will propagate to VTP clients only. With it you do not need to configure VTP pruning manually on VTP clients.
  • you can not add a list of pruning vlans in the same row, like you do in adding allowed vlans:vtp
  • to see which VLANs are eligible to be VTP pruned: “show interface {trunk int} switchport”:vtp

VTP Modes

  • if there are extended VLANs on a switch, it can not neither be in VTP client nor in server mode. IOS will simply return an error message:vtp
  • the opposite: you can not create extended VLANs while the switch is in VTP server or client mode:vtp

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