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Uploading an IOS image with LMS Software Distribution

In this tutorial we’ll learn :

        How to push an IOS image into a switch flash disk, using Cisco LMS,
        How to verify that the IOS image has been loaded correctly

Pushing the IOS image
1.      On the LMS home page, click on the Resource Manager Essentials link.
2.      Click on Software Distribution 
3.      Choose a distribution method. By default, I use “by device”. That’s the simplest one

4.      Check the device for which you want to upgrade the IOS and click Next

5.      The Distribute by Devices windows opens. Under Image Options, select the desired IOS image. Note that an image prefixed by an asterisk means that it’s a Cisco-recommended one. The Storage Options shows you how much flash disk space you still have. Here, we want to deploy a 9.33MB image on a flash disk that has 23MB left out of 31MB.

6.      Click Next

7.      LMS gives you a warning. But don’t worry, just click Next

8.      The Job Schedule and Options allows to schedule job runtime (now, later at a specified date..), to notify an entity by mail, and other options. Click Next

9.      At this point, LMS is ready to launch the job. Read the work order (If you like) and click Finish.

10.   LMS tells you that a job is created. Click OK

Verifying that the new IOS image is being deployed
1.      When you connect to the switch and do a “dir flash:”, you’ll notice that the available flash disk space is shrinking. That’s a sign that LMS Is currently deploying the new image to the switch

2.      To verify whether LMS finished the job, go to Software Mgmt  then Software Mgmt Jobs. Look for the job you’ve create. You should see “successful” under the Status  column

3.      On the switch, do “dir flash:”, the new image is there

4.      Don’t forget to change the boot file image. Otherwise, your switch will still boot on the old image.
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