Tracking My Study Time

Study time is not measured by how much time you sit in front of a book or a screen. It is measured by how much time you actually are learning something from it.

In the damned age of distractions and constant pop-ups, there is no purpose in saying that you’ve studied the whole night, where in reality your eyes were bouncing between your eBook and your phone.

I am a normal human being and I get bored often times. Remember, I am a hardcore procrastinator.

I summarize all possible distractions I’ve experienced in the following block:

  • consciously checking emails
  • receiving Messenger/pop-pup
  • wandering/daydreaming and taking action in that direction
  • thinking about remaining tasks of the day/week
  • seeking occasions to chat with family

So I decided to manually measure how much time I really put into studying without getting distracted: I start a timer at the beginning of every study session and stop it at the first sign of a distraction if it lasts more than a couple of seconds.

I have been pretty consistent with this technique. I felt weird at first. Imagine you are studying for an important topic and you consciously stop the study time because you know you must interrupt it with some bullshit.

I am going to collect all monthly reports in this post.

  • study time report aug 2021
  • study time report sept 2021
  • study time report july 2021 2
  • study time report june 2021 2

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