This audiobook is something I wished I had read it in my younger years.

If you’ve heard of Aratus, Aristo, Plato, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius… then you have probably heard of the Stoicism discipline.

What I liked in “The Obstacle is The Way”

  • Ryan wrote the book when he was 26. But, you will be amazed by the depth of his philosophy in life despite his young age.
  • The historical examples
  • He revitalized ancient wisdom and presented it in modern words.
  • Makes you see the world from a different perspective
  • The author gives some profound insights about life obstacles and what to do about it
  • The book is both inspiring and entertaining
  • for young people who are entering the real world. For those who constantly dream of a perfect future with nothing that could shatter it.
  • Will help you discover the lesson behind every negative situation
  • Excellent narration
  • clear, concise
  • I enjoyed the way the book is chapterized.
  • Everyone have faced some hardships in his life. Everyone, at some point, asked himself “what is this happening? What did I do wrong?”. The book teaches us to accept things as they are and to move forward.
  • This book will inspire you to go forward despite the ups and downs in your life
  • Packed of wisdom that is as old as history but still relevant in modern days
  • For people who face had decisions and obstacles
  • Made a lot of sense
  • Pragmatic
  • Listen to it more than one time, for you may forget some precious lessons with time. Each time, let new information soak in.

What I did not like in “The Obstacle is The Way”

  • The conversation at the end of the book
  • The examples taken from contemporary figures such as President Barack Obama or Steve Jobs: very generic
  • Ryan’s voice: the narration seems monotone and has a nasal type of sound.

The Obstacle is the Way: Conclusion

Although the audiobook seems almost like a remastering of an ancient Roman manuscript, the listener is going to discover some interesting concepts. However, the concepts need to be practiced, and that’s no easy task.


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