The Blue Pill Red Pill Choice

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” –The Matrix

Morpheus said it right.

I was carrying on with my life in a mediocre way, and resetting the emotional counter every night. I was taking the blue pill every night before sleep. I thought I was a patient guy. My patience did not last more than a couple of years, until my health got damaged.

The blue pill is where everything “should” be fine. Your family, your job, your health. That is at least what it looks like on the surface.

The red pill is where you say “fuck this shit. I won’t accept this situation anymore”.

blue pill red pill
blue pill red pill

I have from time to time swollen the red pill. I’ve done it on my birthday last year, where I decided to stop believing in personal development. And start doing some real shit instead. It was not easy at all. It was indeed a fucking big red pill.

I think I will encounter some red pills on my path in life. Anybody would. But most of us would never pick them up, like they were covered in dirt or something like that, while the blue pills on other side were sweet and soft.

I will definitely try some red pills in the future. But sure only after I swallow a bunch of blue ones out of cowardliness and fear of uncertainty.

The last time I swallowed a blue pill? It was on September 14th. On September 15th I resigned from my current work and was officially jobless. Of course I do not intend to stay without a job for long. I have a family that relies on me. It is just a different feeling I did not experience since my graduation.

And then what?

You take the red pill and you assume the consequences. There is no turning back. You can not know in advance if that were a wise decision or not.

You’re criticized? People are blaming you? “Oh, you shouldn’t have resigned a comfortable and secure job“, they may say.

Yeah, I’d rather be uncomfortable and happy instead of comfortable and miserable.

Suck it up and embrace the results. You will learn the lesson anyway.

Are you still taking the blue pill everyday?

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