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Tips from “Grocery Game” Founder Teri Gault

In this article I’m going to review an online course on Udemy called “Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business” recently renamed to “Home-Based Business Startup Tips from Grocery Game Founder”. The course is authored by Boomy Tokan. It is aimed towards people who would like to build their startups and become entrepreneurs.

What you will learn in the course

  • How to take business ideas into reality
  • The important aspects of the life of Teri Gault and the lessons from it that we can apply to small business ideas,
  • The drivers for starting a business
  • The factors that drive you to start a business,
  • The reasons why people don’t finish what they start,
  • The tips to become a “finisher”,
  • Why balance in life is important for your business.

What I liked about this version of Teri Gault’s story

  • a detailed view on the professional life of Teri Gault. Teri is an American woman who performed acting in the past but struggled with her career and found herself in a very difficult financial situation. The program teri-gault-startup-udemydescribes how Teri, and her family, went out of debt into riches, by developing a skill that almost all corners of America needed. In fact, Teri built an online company called The Grocery Game that suggests using printable coupons in shopping, in many US states. Teri was sometimes called the “Coupon Mom”. Now Teri’s website is one of the most popular coupon websites on the planet. Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business udemy-3
  • The pace of the course: the author presents the course in a slow fashion and it is almost impossible not to understand what he is teaching.
  • The enthusiasm of the author in all the lectures.
  • The small video rectangle on the bottom right corner where you can watch the instructor speaking.

What I did not like

  • I did not like the old course title “Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business”. Ok I read it so what? It sounds like a news headline, not a course title. You can guess what the content of the course will be which is a quick biography of Teri Gault.
  • I did not like the fact that Boomy included Youtube videos talking about Teri, as part of his lectures. He could have pointed to them by simply mentioning their URL as bonus material. And the video lasts about 4:24mn. That’s too much! I don’t see any benefit for considering it as a lecture. I could have watched this on the TV while eating a bunch of peanuts!
    Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business udemy-2
  • There is no need to have this number of lectures. The material is easy and simple. If I were the author, I simply could have made a couple of slides and two or more video lectures, and that’s all. Too much chewing-gum!
  • The lengthy discussion: the author goes into discussion one single point for too long. I got bored too often; I already know the material, which takes us to the third point:
  • Too much common sense: I frankly did not find any surprisingly new information in the course, maybe because I read a lot of self help material.
  • Stock images and some slide pictures are misleading: for example, I thought the first picture in the first slide was for Teri Gault, only to discover that it’s just a stock image!
  • No bonus material: unlike other courses, this one does not come with a bonus ebook or audio to download.

“Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business”: Verdict

This course is for people that are completely new to the concept of start-ups, totally newbies. It gives some interesting insights on the professional life of Teri Gault. But that’s it. It could have been condensed however in fewer number of slides and lectures.

But, if you have never taken the time to study successful people, you can still start with this course as a one-time use.

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