Taming The Tiger

In the past, I started working out four and even five times a week (read My New Workout Routing blog post). But since a couple of weeks I’ve been aborting my workout sessions more frequently.

Last week I had chest pain around my right lung. The other day I had pain around the heart area during a workout session. Today I have constant knee pain on the leg where I got injured in my childhood Tae Kwon Do training.

I am not sure if my body does not sustain my workout schedule, or is it fatigue, or whatever. I am going to make it a bit easy on my body and train for at max three times a week this week.

You would probably say I am softening. Or I am procrastinating once again, and disguising it in an excuse. Call it what you like. Alhamdulillah I reached a point where I do not need to work out more than what I do now.

I am not sweating to impress people, nor do I prepare to participate in a competition. In fact, one of the reasons I still fight my ass off and often temporarily losing all my energy is forging my discipline.

It is like you have a tiger in you, and you shall tame it every fucking day. If you show weakness or uncertainty over a long period of time, the tiger will start eying you and suddenly even attack you.

taming tigers

Let’s see if the pain eases a bit.

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