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Speaking to The Phone

It’s not because your voice sounds different on the phone that you treat people in a mediocre fashion. It’s not because the other person is far away that you can afford to downsize him. A key element in the many phone conversations that I make daily, is that I treat people on the phone as if I see them in front of me. I even find myself gesturing like I was giving a speech in front of deaf people!
Does that mean that I should pay attention to my facial expressions? Can I wear McDonald s’-like make-up and talk to my boss? not that far :)  But, smiling over the phone can be sensed. And it makes the other person comfortable and very receptive to you.

Take a couple of minutes and think about these questions:
– Do you check the caller’s name before you answer the phone?
– Do you have special ring tone for each caller?
–  After you looked at the caller’s name, do you think more than 3 seconds before answering the call?
– Do you make facial expressions right before you answer the call?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you probably are crafting a flawless answer for each caller :). That could make the conversation sound less honest than an immediate innocent phone pickup.

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