How I Passed The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

First, why the cloud track? Just like you must learn German to understand the culture of Germany and interact socially with people, I must learn the cloud language to be able to interact with cloud engineers. Cloud skills are in demand. No doubt about it. Why Microsoft AZ-900 exam? my company offers free vouchers to … Read more

The Value of Cisco Certifications

Every now and then I read an article about the value of Cisco certifications, and how they are declining over time. Depending on whether the question is from a perspective of advancing in career through another Cisco cert, or from the perspective of choosing a network certification between Cisco and another vendor. The question can … Read more

IT Certification vs Master’s Degree?

Introduction Once I’ve finished college studies and entered the professional world, I had some regrets of not having continued my Master’s degree. At least 5 of my college classmates opted to continue studying to earn their Master’s degree. My excuse back then was “I do not want to study deeper Algebra and circuits. I’ve have … Read more

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