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Part of being a great network engineer is the ability to speak clearly and confidently. And trust me, you won’t only need it with your peers. You’ll be in meetings, explaining your plan for the next  switch IOS upgrade, defending your opinions,…You may think “I don’t need voice lessons.” But in a communication era, think about it.

There is no need to enroll in expensive voice training. We are network engineers after all, not Opera singers. But you can benefit your voice with an affordable vocal training program.

One of the few programs I’ve tired and experienced results from is Roger Love’s Vocal Power: Speaking with Authority, Clarity and Conviction.

In the past, I found that my voice sucks when I was speaking with people, and interacting with them in social gatherings or in events. I often found myself stuck or shy in front of new friends. I used to think “What if they do not like what I am going to say? What if my stuff is not going to entertain them? A deep and confident voice will surely help me in social situations”, I thought.

These were my thoughts about the importance of voice in communications. But what is the opinion of science?

If you read about Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s work on the 7-38-55% formula, you’ll know the importance of voice tonality in our communication. In fact, voice perception counts a lot in human interactions, whether we like it or not. And no matter how intelligent you are, if you don’t project a confident sound, you’ll be perceived as less intelligent than what you think you are. Sorry to teach you that :)  Given these facts, I tried some random vocal exercises here and there. Some voice exercises teach you to lower your voice pitch to sound more vigorous and impress women :)

I did not experience lasting changes. My results were inconsistent. I needed a program that helps me speak clearly. Period.

I searched and I found “Roger Love’s Vocal Power: Speaking with Authority, Clarity and Conviction“.

My first impression

During the first few minutes of listening to Roger love, I immediately was convinced that this is the program I was searching for. This man has a confident voice and speaks with authority! He has a funny style that keeps your attention. Besides, Roger Love was a vocal coach for some quite famous artists and celebrities including:
– Tony Robbins,
– Maroon 5,
– Tool,
– The Killers,
– Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20,
– Eminem,
– The Beach Boys,
– The Jacksons, Def Leppard,
– Poison,
– Motley Crue,
– Toto,
– Iggy Pop,
– Smashing Pumpkins,
– Papa Roach,
– Hanson,
– En Vogue,
– Billy Idol.

Roger Love has been featured on Rachael Ray Show. And In the video below, you can find some of the vocal exercises included in the program. It’s a video made by Mac Ballard while performing voice exercises with Roger. You may not have heard of Mac Ballard. This guy is a celebrity in Japan:

Here’s what you will learn in this program

roger love vocal power cover

– Why voice is important for your self image and your daily life communication,
– Factors that make our voices suck,
– Why people defeat their self-image with their voice,  – The Golden rules of speaking in most situations, – Voice building blocks: volume, pitch and tonality,
– A classification of human voices: the Marilyn, the Rocky Balboa,…
– How to gain immediate attention from your audience,
– Simple easy-to-do exercises (I often do them on my way to the office),
– How to project an authoritative personality, without forcing it,
– Real-life scenarios and the type of voice that you need for it.

What I liked in Roger Love’s Vocal Power

  • It comes with a workbook that contains all the script in the audio book.
  • Each voice lesson is given a distinct chapter. Each chapter contains a list of vocal exercises that are easy to practice.
  • The book is well written and I found no difficulties to understand what Roger is talking about. In fact, Roger is simplifying voice concepts. The voice exercises that are spread across the chapters will not seem that difficult to you. You don’t need anatomy classes to understand how you make sounds.
  • Roger makes learning fun and adds some real-life situations.

What I did not like in Vocal Power

Roger deals a lot about the techniques and tools to produce a better voice. However, he did not give references to the “mental” aspect of our voices: he did not mention that our voice may be affected by our mental state. And he did not talk about how to get over it. However, after playing with the voice exercises in the book, you may experience a small increase in your overall happiness level :)


Overall, the vocal lessons in this program helped me discover the biggest obstacle in producing better voice: breathing. I discovered that I’ve been breathing with my chest and not with my belly. I discovered that I was not connecting all the words and that I was often times whispering words instead of speaking louder.

Roger Love’s Vocal Power  program will definitely help you to speak with confidence. I recommend it to:

  • Professionals: teachers, lawyers, doctors, salesmen, TV/radio presenters.
  • Regular people who would like to project confidence and high status.
  • Men/women in a relationship or are about to get into one.
  • Parents wanting to project authority over their kids.
  • College student that prepare projects involving speaking in front of their classmates and tutors.
  • Public speakers.

In other words, if you need one voice training program in your life, this is the one. I can not stress enough the importance of your voice on the quality of your life. With a refined and well trained voice, you will be perceived as an intelligent, confident and often wealthy individual!You will use this program throughout your life. It is not a one-time stuff. Just as you exercise your body, you need to exercise your voice every day preferably, and this program does that, in a funny way. Project an image of a confident network engineer. Let Roger help you improve your voice.


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