My Quick RIPng Command Sheet

I didn’t know that Cisco incorporated IPv6 and RIPng into its CCNA courses until now! that demonstrates that Cisco is keeping the value of its certs high in the market. I’m proud to be studying networking in general, and Cisco in particular.

Showing RIPng configuration information

show ipv6 protocols We can see which interfaces are participating in RIPng
show ipv6 protocol
show ipv6 rip RIP_ZONE displays various information about the RIP_ZONE process
showing ip routes in ripng

Debugging RIPng

debug ipv6 rip
debugging in ripng

– see that link local addresses are used in multicasting
– destination address is multicast FF02::9
In my home TSHOOT lab, R4 has only fa0/0 in RIPng.
– The split horizon rule is a loop avoidance technique that prevents a route from being advertised out the interface through which it was learned.

Route redistribution into RIPng

We’ll configure it on router R4, because here it is the ASBR between OSPFv3 and RIPng.

redistribute ospfv3 into ripng

We chose metric 10 because Seed metrics should be greater than any internal route metric.

let’s see RIB on our distribution switch DSW2:

Metric 12 = seed metric + hop count
= 10 + router R4 + switch DSW2
= 12

Redistributing OSPFv3 internal routes into RIPng

As configured in my OSPFv3 post, loopback interfaces on R1 are not advertised as internal routes. Rather, they are redistributed into OSPF.
If we configure “redistribute ospf match internal”, a downstream device will see internal OSPF routes being redistributed, and not OSPF-distributed routes.

Sending a default route into RIPng

(config)# ipv6 route ::/0 Serial0/0
– redistribute it into RIP

the distribution switches get the default route.
Redistributing routes was not enough to successfully ping from DSW2 to DSW1. On point-to-multipoint links and on physical interfaces, check frame-relay mappings. It’s not enough to do static mapping with ipv6 interface addresses; you need to add mappings with link local addresses.
Since GNS3 does cope well with link local addresses, I fixed them on R1, R2, R3 and R4. For example, on R1

(config-if)#interface… (config-if)#frame-relay map ipv6 fe80::2 102
Now DSW2 can ping 2026::12:1

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