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Respect your Clients

This is an obvious piece of advice. But respect comes disguised often times.
– Giving back money to your client with a smile is a sign of respect,
– listening to customer complaints with empathy and attention is a sign of respect,

Why am I telling these two sentences? because today I’ve been treated with disrespect from a cashier, in a reputable hospital. Usually, I don’t care much about people’s manners when they talk to me. I often understand them, given the humble NLP technologies that I’ve learned. But what made me angry is to see my brother being poorly treated too.
I value family bonds a lot. I consider hurting my family members red lines not to be crossed. If you ask me how tolerent to offenses I am, I can quickly answer you that I’ll be tolerant as long as you don’t touch my family.
Imagine what would Don Corleon do, if one of his family members has been hurt. That would be my reaction, if I were allowed to carry weapons of mass destruction :)

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