DTP modes on Cisco Catalyst Switches

In this short port we explore the possible DTP modes and configure them on a Catalyst switch. We also learn what the outcome would be if we combine them. When configuring the Dynamic Trunking Protocol, Cisco recommends to set trunking as static. But here is the behaviour if we don’t set it to “switchport mode … Read more

HSRP Interface Tracking on IOS Routers

In this lab, I learned the following: configuring a HSRP group on physical interfaces, testing how a PC can reach a remote subnet through a redundant gateway, by configuring its default gateway as the HSRP virtual address, testing how the second router becomes Active, testing interface tracking. For interface tracking, at first, I thought there … Read more

Default Routing Policy in Junos

import = receive into routing table export = send to neighbors, or, redistribute (or not).OSPF —— Default import policy: accept all OSPF routes from neighbors Default export policy: advertise all direct routes (including loopback interfaces).Here’s an example to illustrate it. Dubai learned the route through OSPF from Tokyo. In fact, the default export policy … Read more

Olive Is Not Juniper Olive

Building a Juniper olive lab and playing with it is no different than gathering Cisco OS images and stuffing them into GNS3 or eve-ng. This articles describes some of my ramblings. As you know, in order to play with Juniper Junos in a lab, you need to configure instances of Olive. In my home lab, … Read more

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