HSRP Interface Tracking on IOS Routers

In this lab, I learned the following: configuring a HSRP group on physical interfaces, testing how a PC can reach a remote subnet through a redundant gateway, by configuring its default gateway as the HSRP virtual address, testing how the second router becomes Active, testing interface tracking. For interface tracking, at first, I thought there … Read more

Default Routing Policy in Junos

import = receive into routing table export = send to neighbors, or, redistribute (or not).OSPF —— Default import policy: accept all OSPF routes from neighbors Default export policy: advertise all direct routes (including loopback interfaces).Here’s an example to illustrate it. Dubai learned the route through OSPF from Tokyo. In fact, the default export policy … Read more

Olive Is Not Juniper Olive

Building a Juniper olive lab and playing with it is no different than gathering Cisco OS images and stuffing them into GNS3 or eve-ng. This articles describes some of my ramblings. As you know, in order to play with Juniper Junos in a lab, you need to configure instances of Olive. In my home lab, … Read more

Cisco BSCI Exam Preparation

Maybe some folks would know how I prepared for the exam. Here’s what I did: I first read Cisco Student Guides (vol1 and 2). At first, it seemed like learning Chinese. OSPF LSA3,4,5, EIGRP SIA, NSSA, BGP,.. I read each chapter at least twice and took notes. I followed a different reading approach. Instead of … Read more

Final Steps Before The BSCI Exam

I feel that my study time is decreasing. Maybe it’s time to wrap knowledge up, watch CBT Nuggets and have a practice exam. I plan to write the exam on Thursday. Since college I’ve never been a last-night-student type of guy. I’ve always felt mentally blocked two or three days before any exam, especially the … Read more