NTP – Watch Your Time

Just like you wear a watch to have time, network devices have a time protocol called NTP that does just that. The following are my study notes on the subject. There are two types of clocks: hardware clock and software clock. The hardware clock has its own battery. When router shuts down, hardware calendar still … Read more

Configuring Route Redistribution

We learn in this post how to configure route redistribution between OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and static routes. The first section depicts OSPF route redistribution into EIGRP. The second section gives an example of redistributing static routes into EIGRP. And lastly we see an example of redistributing BGP into OSPF. Injecting OSPF prefixes into EIGRP – … Read more

Asking good questions

Sometimes it seems that things don’t go as expected. Sometimes I think I made mistakes or I did bad calculations. But what if I was asking myself wrong questions? What if I say to myself : – what do I really want, if I knew it was achievable? – what can I do, to enjoy … Read more

CEF: show commands

this demonstrates that IP CEF is not enabled, until SVIs are created: Once SVI is created, CEF tables are created too, and stay there even if we delete the vlan and the SVI: Now we set back vlan 101 and its SVI. We display the FIB table: We do a ping to the attached host … Read more

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