Discipline is Not a Trend

On my way home I saw a man jogging in a shirt and shorts. It is 3°C outside. He was running the inclined trail going by the pedestrians, whose attention was caught for seconds. I also was a bit surprised to see such a thing in this weather. But soon I regrouped my thoughts. It … Read more

Your 40%

If you ever listened to David Goggins in his audio-book, you would have heard about the 40% rule. Basically what it stipulates, is that we operate at our perceived maximum potential which is really no more than 40%. Since I was taking the Goggins model to heart, I started constantly pushing my limit physically. And … Read more

Allah is Above Everything

That is a translation of “Allahu Akbar”. As a Moslem I do my prayers everyday and I cite this sentence a dozen times in my prayers. But I forget often times what it truly means. I get distracted by life shit. Allah is greater than all the people that hate/hated/will hate me Allah is greater … Read more

Nice Weather Outside, Bad Weather Inside

A strangely sunny day today. People going on streets riding bikes, taking a walk, filling up the U-Bahn towards Neuperlach Zentrum. Me, doing the same groceries shopping routine of every Saturday and eventually profiting from some sunshine, but not as a main goal. It comes to my mind, that I am probably missing the fun. … Read more