My Cisco ACI FEX Study Notes

ALE: the leaf ports that connect to the spine If we connect a 40G FEX to a 10G leaf, we need to use Breakout cables, which are cables with a QSFP on a one side and 04 10G SFP on the other side. And it is a Cisco cable. A FEX connects only to leafs. … Read more

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam Study Material

In this article I am going to expose the best resources according to me there are on the market that help you study for the new CCNA 200-301 exam. Before the Cisco certification renovation, I reviewed a couple of video training products. Unfortunately, there is still not enough training material for the new 200-301 exam … Read more

Integrating Openstack with ACI

Below are my study notes about the integration of Openstack with ACI. I begin with defining some concepts. Then I describe NAT feature within Openstack and I finish with discussing networking plugins. Openstack is a group of technologies that provide enterprise cloud computing capabilities. has the following minimal components or node types: a compute node … Read more


MP-BGP Definitions MP-BGP is the protocol leveraged by ACI fabric nodes to propagate learned external routes into the fabric. MP-BGP and iBGP use the same Autonomous System Number (ASN) runs on all fabric nodes (leafs and spines) to propagate routing information received from external routes within the fabric. It is optional to configure one spine … Read more