Interesting Facts On VMware vSphere

Ever wondered about software-defined data centers? Well I guess you experimented a bit with VMware Workstation sometime in your networking journey. If not, then I hope you have heard of VMware vSphere, because in the following short article I expose my study notes on the topic. Terminology Having experimented with VMware Workstation in my college … Read more

Shift8 CDN Review

In this article I expose my review of the Shift8 CDN solution, based on my own experience. What is Shift8? Shift8 is a provider of a free CDN solution that is compatible with WordPress. The company is based in Toronto. Their CDN solution is relies currently on a handful of servers which are located around … Read more

Popular ACI Programmability Concepts

ACI includes a RESTful API in its implementation, which has the following characteristics: the REST API uses HTTP or HTTPS as a transport protocol it uses GET&POST HTTP verbs an API Call includes in its body XML or JSON it does not use HTTP authentication mechanism, but rather an API call with an authentication request … Read more

Network Automation Concepts

NETCONF: NETwork-CONFiguration-based API uses XML can be coupled to YANG YANG: Yet Another Next Generation is a data model based on XML constructs named XPath is human readable, thus easier to interpret than XML. NETCONF with YANG is a popular combination among network engineers. However, NETCONF is network-centric while REST API is widely popular in … Read more

My Cisco ACI FEX Study Notes

ALE: the leaf ports that connect to the spine If we connect a 40G FEX to a 10G leaf, we need to use Breakout cables, which are cables with a QSFP on a one side and 04 10G SFP on the other side. And it is a Cisco cable. A FEX connects only to leafs. … Read more

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam Study Material

In this article I am going to expose the best resources according to me there are on the market that help you study for the new CCNA 200-301 exam. Before the Cisco certification renovation, I reviewed a couple of video training products. Unfortunately, there is still not enough training material for the new 200-301 exam … Read more