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Nice Weather Outside, Bad Weather Inside

A strangely sunny day today. People going on streets riding bikes, taking a walk, filling up the U-Bahn towards Neuperlach Zentrum. Me, doing the same groceries shopping routine of every Saturday and eventually profiting from some sunshine, but not as a main goal.

It comes to my mind, that I am probably missing the fun. Am I enjoying spending 3 hours every Saturday shopping for food and groceries?

I had a very different answer a couple of months ago. I used to think shopping is a waste of time. It is, if you don’t open your mind. I realized, the activity itself is not the goal. What comes WITH it is the goal. Am I simply wasting time in transportation or am I using it? Well, I am investing my time in new ideas..

I basically put on my headphones very Saturday that I go shopping and listen to an interview of David Goggins. I have basically at least 2 hours each Saturday of pure wisdom. I don’t just listen, I reflect on my life.

Whenever I do not have the headset on me, either when I forget to or intentionally, I question my thoughts and go into my mind. I reflect what David Goggins says in his interviews.

So people around me seems to enjoy their time under the sun, wearing coats and jackets. Me? I am walking swiftly pulling a shopping cart, dressed in a T-shirt and a Spring sleeveless jacket and my internal weather is not that shining. I could feel some people looking at me, wondering why this guy is dressed in a T-shirt. I don’t care. I am not feeling cold. I laugh at it in my heart instead.

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