How To Get Fabulous Network Engineer Soft Skills On A Tight Budget

Why Do Network Engineers Need Soft Skills?

In the real world, companies need network engineers with soft skills. Why? Because companies need “techies” who know how to express themselves in a down-to-earth and simple “human” vocabulary, to be confident when facing problems and to deal with them. A network engineer should also have the right social skills to manage other people and to motivate them. That’s why I wrote some blog posts that seem like stolen chapters from a personal development book.

What do I mean by that in your career? In my opinion, every network engineer must not only focus on acquiring technical certifications and enriching his resume with IT projects, but also build and improve his soft skills.

In this page, I have compiled a list of books and products that have helped me to improve areas of my career life. They are not directly related to IT, as they can be applied to anyone interested in developing himself.

In the next paragraph I am going to list the products I have used in the past and gave me some sort of advantage.

Programs and Courses That Help Network Engineers Build Soft Skills

  • The Alchemist: I’ve read this book immediately after my college education. I was at that time feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by the amount of things I still need to learn. Read it until the end. It is a literature gem!

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