Network Engineer Salary in Germany

Since a couple of months I am comparing my income to the average IT salary in Germany. I used the following sources for my research:, and various web search results.

I am not sure if the statistics on Glassdoor are relevant enough. I looked at them with a grain of salt. It says that the average Network Engineer salary is about 58,500€, which is composed of a base salary of 57 500€ and an average bonus of 1000€:

network engineer salary Munich 1
Glassdoor: network engineer salary in Munich

It felt not bad to know that my salary is not far from the average in the industry. But apparently the Network Engineer job is financially not really rewarding anymore in Germany, according to Computerwoche. They say that the best salaries in IT are made by Consultants earn around 75,500€ yearly, followed by IT Security Experts with 69,900€, then Software Developers with about 68,500€. There was no mention of regular network engineering that do daily support activities like myself.

From what I’ve read on job portals, senior network engineers and architects make some good money too. They are not mentioned in the study. Are they the exception?

Since when were the experts the norm? Yes you may argue there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. Could an IT consultant get paid more than an expert network engineer? possible. But I think an expert network engineer could guarantee relatively high salaries because he holds advanced technical skills which he can invoke in whatever customer network.

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