My New Workout Routine

I wrote in a previous post that I dumped P90X, although I used to practice the P90X routines for years, without changing anything to my diet. Well that led to the fact that I did not notice big changes in my body, let alone in my physiology. I was always lacking energy and feeling drousy most of the time on weekends.

Still, in the early days of my new journey in Germany, I continued doing P90X, sort of maintaining some level of a healthy lifestyle. But deep inside, I was not satisfied.

I needed a new workout routine. For that matter, I imagined a list of criteria that must satisfy my new workout routine.

What my new workout routine should look like

the ideal workout routine for me should:

  • focus on increasing energy, cardio health and overall body shaping
  • be tried and tested by hundreds of people before me
  • lead to a body shape that I want to have, or at least approach to have.
  • not be some get six-pack abs quick scheme
  • not exceed 30 minutes per day
  • not require external accessories like jumping rope or weights. A Yoga mat is tolerable. And I have one by the way, which I’ve bought as soon as I moved from Regensburg to Munich.


insanity max 30
insanity Max 30

I opted for Insanity Max 30. Let’s see how things develop.

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