My Intake on Interview Questions

Have you ever got interviewed and asked silly questions? If so, you are not alone. I get them pretty consistently especially in screening conversations and it pisses me off.

How (I think) headhunters operate

Many of the headhunters out there are junior employees who are either recently recruited or are training to become “regular” headhunters. I easily spot them when they shoot at you with a series of questions in a scripted fashion:

  • What are your areas of expertise?
  • What is your motive of resignation?
  • Why do you want to change your job?

They make you feel like you are being interrogated by a police officer. And even, a police officer may hand you a glass of water during interrogations..

After the screening phase, there comes either a more experience headhunter – who will also try to figure out your profile more- or you get redirected to the end customer for a potential interview.

The No-Go question

In the whole interview process, there is a single question that turns the game completely and makes me crazy.

What is your current salary?

Why the fuck do you need to know that? I worked and gained more experience across the years. My price today is not the same it was three years ago for example. YOU as a headhunter should assist me get my fair price.

Such headhunters:

  • either they or their client have no idea what the market prices are, which is really stupid, or
  • work on behalf of companies that try to pay similar or a little higher price in order to save some money, which is cheap. And by the way stupid too.

A company that is not willing to give a fair price to a skilled candidate, or tries hard to lower the offered salary to save some pennies, is in my opinion a form of slavery and in my opinion an insult to all network engineers who worked their asses off day and night to become good at their craft.

So if you are a headhunter and reading this, try to imagine the same occurring to you and judge the situation by yourself. And if you still are not convinced, don’t ever fucking call me for an interview.

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