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Anyone who knows the power of the Internet will likely store his files somewhere on a public storage server. I used to burn CDs and DVDs to keep my data. Nowadays, I use a powerful online storage application: Google Drive.

Google Drive storage

Once you subscribe to the Google Drive service, you get 15GB of online storage… for free! This nice step from Google made me wonder why I should still backup my data on my computer, while I can have an online storage device. So I decided not to buy an external hard drive and send my critical data to Google Drive.

Google Drive pricing

If you have many large files such as video clips, movies and ISO files, you may need more than the free quota. For this, Google set up a pricing plan as follows:


Storage capacity,monthly fee

15 GB,free







Google Drive vs Dropbox

The most obvious criteria of comparison is the storage capacity. But there are other features worth mentioning. I have accounts on both Google Drive and Dropbox. Here is what I found so far:

  • storage capacity: Google Drive offers 15GB of free online storage. However, Dropbox offers only 2GB.

google-drive-keyboardbanger-4 google-drive-keyboardbanger-3







  • Sharing files: both Dropbox and Google Drive offer intuitive buttons when it comes to sharing files. On Dropbox, a simple click on the “share” button is enough to make the file visible to the public. Whereas with Google Drive, you have to click on the icon with the plus sign.
  • Sharing options: Google Drive allows you to set permissions on the file to be shared. Read this post to learn more about Google Drive file sharing.





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