Just When You Don’t Expect It

It’s funny how sometimes you think you are making progress, and suddenly something unexpected happens and destroys the flow.

I was steadily improving my life: I was having less and less breaks during Insanity Max 30 sessions, studying more for the WCNA exam, enjoying good health. Then yesterday a colleague of mine opened the window, and a wind current stroke me while I was sitting in the middle of it. Needless to say, I am sick since yesterday.

So I missed yesterday’s and today’s session of Insanity Max 30, and very probably tomorrow, since my health is still deteriorated. And I could not be as productive as usual at work. Yeah, I could have gone to the doctor. But it helps neither me nor my job to go on a sick leave now. And I could have pushed further and did the workouts anyway. But I know from experience that it would deteriorate my condition even further, because then I would have not given my body the chance to recover completely.

Life is like that: just when everything is going right and when you don’t expect shit to happen, shit does happen.

I know, my sickness was only a ridiculous fart in comparison to what other people suddenly have to endure in life. But the rule is the same, no matter how big the problem. So don’t expect the pink color to say long in your life. Expect that any point in time, some shit may come your way.

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