Implementing Site Code Dialing

In this article I’m describing the implementation of site code dialing, in my CCNP Collaboration home lab. I am taking an example of one HQ with site code 801, and a branch office with site code 803.  The inter-site code I am going to use is the 0, to dial between sites.

The purpose is to use inter site code dialing to reach other sites across the WAN, which is also called Toll Bypass. And if the WAN breaks then the communication takes place across the PSTN, which we also call PSTN fallback.

CUCM configuration

CUCM configuration for site code dialing

CUCM configuration for site code dialing, 2nd part

Gateway configuration

Here is what the configuration would look like on the HQ gateway:

dial peer configuration for site code dialing
needed dial peer settings

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_29_25

and here is the part on the branch office site:

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_31_03

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_32_05

necessary translation profiles

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_34_20

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_35_05

In order to emulate PSTN, I set the following configuration:

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_42_35

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_44_53

Testing the configuration

First, when the WAN connection WAN is up between HQ and the branch site, we get the following result:

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 17_04_11

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 17_04_18

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 17_04_31

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 17_04_50

and the WAN connection is disrupted, the communication falls back to PSTN:

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_50_29

site-code-dialing--2016-06-11 16_51_36

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