How to Restore The Default Blank Page on Firefox

Firefox is a popular browser used by more than 11% of the Internet users around the world according to Wikipedia. I still use it for regular Internet surfing. A nice Firefox feature I like is window tabbing.

However, a while ago I noticed that, each time I press “CTRL-T” to open a new tab, I get “” in it. And that’s annoying because I often times copy a URL and quickly want to paste it in the new tab URL field.

Restoring the default blank page on Firefox

I tried to change the settings in the Options menu –> Options. But it seemed like Firefox did not take it into account. The solution I found was to play with Firefox variables:

  • In the Firefox URL field, type about:config
  • A warning message displays. Hit “I’ll be careful, I promise

2015-06-07 10_47_11-about_config

  • In the Search field, type “browser.newtab.url” and hit Enter. You’ll see that the value field displays “”

2015-06-07 10_48_58-about_config

  • double-click on the entry. In the Enter String Value, type “about:blank” and hit Enter.

2015-06-07 10_51_19-about_config

  • Now the browser.newtabl.url parameter has a blank page value. You can safely close the tab.

Hopefully this trick generates a new blank page each time you create a new Firefox tab.

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