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How To Pass ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam

Below you find the study material I used to pass the ITIL 2011 Foundation exam on my first attempt back in 2014.

ITIL 2011 Foundation Exam Books

In my quest for the ITIL 2011 Foundation exam, I spent a couple of days only searching for interesting and straight-to-the-point material. I was overwhelmed by the amount of terminology I needed to learn.

My fear grew when I glanced at the official ITIL Core Books. Man, look at this:


Paperback: 1959 pages. I had this reaction:


I was wondering how a network engineer could grasp all that! It reminded me of my cramming years at high school.

Then I found a book titled “Foundations of IT Service Management With ITIL 2011“.

The book is a study guide for the ITIL 2011 Foundation exam. It comes It is written by Brady Orand.

brady-orand-itil-2011-foundation-keyboardbangerBrady Orand is an ITIL instructor since 2002. He taught both Foundation and Intermediate ITIL courses to thousands of students in hundreds of organizations, primarily in virtual classrooms. He also has a website that contains sample exam questions and quizzes that you can find on

Since I finished reading this book, mainly for the ITIL 2011 foundation exam, I can say it is suitable for the following roles:

  • IT managers,
  • Network/System/Security engineers,
  • Network/System/Security administrators,
  • IT technicians

What I liked in this book is that:

  • The author used two analogies: a restaurant business, owned by a fictional character named Geppetto Garcia, and a dry cleaning business. It is known that ITIL has dry concepts for a beginner. The book has made a brilliant way to introduce them. Since I knew absolutely nothing about ITIL, I loved and easily understood the analogies. The restaurant business example was mentioned all across the book, and it conveyed the most important aspect of ITIL: to define and improve business through IT process lifecycles
  • The author centers his material around ITIL core volumes. The book structure is clear: for each core volume, there is an overview and a list of processes. At the end of each core volume, there is a list of practice questions.
  • The book explains each entity of the ITIL framework in separate chapters or paragraphs. It explained 99% of the material I needed to know for the exam.
  • Although he seems to really know his material, the author does not go deep into theory and shows just what is needed for the exam: to learn the concepts and to distinguish the relationship between one and another.
  • Three sections that I loved at the end of each chapter: “Important Points”, Terms&Definitions and Section Reviews. Since I’m a self-paced student, I often stop reading at various points of the book. And thanks to these three sections, I could quickly get back on track.
  • I used the kindle version. The printed text is clearly written and eye friendly.
  • The free additional quizzes on the author website and his blog.

Foundations-of-IT-Service-Management-With-ITIL-2011- keyboardbanger2

A list of keywords to remember for the exam

Foundations-of-IT-Service-Management-With-ITIL-2011- keyboardbanger3
At the end of each chapter there is a summary of the key points.

Foundations-of-IT-Service-Management-With-ITIL-2011- keyboardbanger
The traditional multiple-choice questions


  • Some technical keywords are mentioned and not explained. I had to read other references and some Internet articles to learn them.
  • Some concepts were hard to understand without a clear diagram.
  • Most diagrams are taken from the official ITIL Library. I wished the author created his own.
  • You will find no table of contents in the kindle version.

So the book “Foundations of IT Service Management With ITIL 2011” is not only for the ITIL exam but also for every IT professional who needs to understand how IT intervenes in different stages of business. Once you learn the material, you will get a clearer picture of your role in the whole organization. Furthermore, if you used to think that IT folks are just there to fix problems, then reading this book will make you see how IT weighs, in every modern company.

I also supplemented my study with the official ITIL Glossary guide, because some keywords were hard for me to grasp.

ITIL Flashcards

I also created flashcards for ITIL 2011 based on the concepts I learned. These helped me a lot to memorize technical terms.


Unlike networking certifications, I focused my study efforts for the ITIL exam mainly on terms. I relied heavily on repetition and memorization.

How was it in your case? what was your study method?

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