How To Get Cisco Unity Connection Logs From CLI

There are instances where you need to collect logs on the Cisco Unity Connection. For example, your appliance no longer lets you enter the GUI interface. So you raise a TAC ticket and the Cisco team asks you to collect some logs. You will have to do it on the CLI interface.

There are two parts in the CLI log collection:

  1. You need to have an SFTP server. This server will receive the logs from the Cisco Unity Connection device. In fact, you will see, in the copy process, that you have to specify an IP address, which is the SFTP IP address.
  2. You need to know how to get a file on a Cisco Unity Connection device.

Preparing the SFTP server

You can download a free SFTP server from the web. I have a preference for Solarwinds products. So I recommend their free tool.

Getting the logs from Cisco Unity Connection

There is a simple command to get files on CLI, from a Cisco Unity Connection: file get {file}. For example, here is how we collect the logs that begin with “CiscoSyslog”:

admin:file get activelog syslog/CiscoSyslog*
Please wait while the system is gathering files info …done.
Sub-directories were not traversed.
Number of files affected: 5
Total size in Bytes: 23034238
Total size in Kbytes: 22494.373
Would you like to proceed [y/n]? y
SFTP server IP:
SFTP server port [22]:
User ID: SFTPUser
Password: ********

Download directory: unityconnDir

Transfer completed.

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