How To Display Picture Thumbnails in Windows 7

You’ve taken beautiful photos in your vacation and you want to go straight to the photo where you have the Eiffel Tour behind you. But all your photos are named SAM_xxxx and you don’t know which one you must click on. What’s happening?

2015-06-06 12_39_21-to be uploaded to flickr

It’s not a problem on your machine. It’s simply a Windows default behaviour. In fact, Windows 7, by default, does not display picture thumbnails. Instead, it displays icons. It’s not really a useful setting from Microsoft. But it can be corrected.

Hopefully this little trick helps you display thumbnails of your photos and videos. Here’s how:

  • Go to Start –> Control Panel,
  • In Control Panel, go to System
  • In System, go to Advanced System Settings
  • Go to Performances and click on Parameters
  • Under Visual Effects tab, search for Show thumbnails instead of icons and check the box

2015-06-06 12_35_08-Cannot see thumbnail Pics in Windows 7 - YouTube

  • Click on Apply

Once you have done that, all your pictures will be visible in thumbnails.



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