Tired of manually placing incoming email into folders? Exhausted from deleting junk email and reporting it as spam? a Gmail filter is the answer you need.

Gmail filters allow to apply a certain treatment to your flow of incoming mail. With Gmail filters, you can label mails, add a star, move to a folder or even to spam.

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to your Gmail account
  • in the search area, click on the down arrow

Figure: the down arrow is at the right of the search box.

  • type your search criteria. For example, I’m going to search for all emails coming from Neil Patel

Figure: Typing “Neil Patel” in the “From” section of the search box.

  • To create a filter, click on the bottom link Create filter with this search

Figure: Click on the link to launch the Filter setup menu

  • set the type of action you’d like to see. For example, I’m going to direct all incoming mails from Neil Patel to a new folder called Blogging. Note that, in Gmail, folders are associated with “labels”. Two mails with different labels will be put in two different folders.

Figure: Selecting the actions to perform


Figure: creating a new label

  • set the checkbox Also apply filter to matching conversations.
Figure: Apply settings to past conversations.

Figure: Apply settings to past conversations.

  • Click on Create filter button.

Figure: Click on Create filter once done.


I hope your Gmail experience will become more pleasant with this easy tutorial.

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