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How Important is Health to You?

How does pain feel when you can not avoid it?

I am at work. One hour later I feel my head like trapped in an iron fist. I can no longer concentrate on the computer. I asked for a sick leave. Some minutes later I shivered the whole way to the metro station. It is starting to rain. I still shiver. In the metro I still shiver. I try to slightly move my body and fingers with the movement of the metro, so that people don’t think I have some Corona symptoms.

I arrived to the terminal station. Still shivering. But now I am strangely aware of my joints in my legs. I could feel them bearing my weight with each step I take. Shit I could not even stand tall.

I had to make a choice: either take the bicycle home or walk at a very slow pace. No. I am not going to take the easy path. I am going to ride the bicycle.

You know those days where all the stupid stuff happen to you? My bicycle was all wet with rain and I found one tire of completely flat.

I arrived home, changed my clothes in a time span that seemed to take hours. I went to bed shivering and having fever. I could not sleep.

What I thought about in the first place at that time is not my family, not my career, not positive self talk. It was a hope of getting better and healthy again.

Unless we face a big damage or a sudden drop of well-being, most of us let ourselves be taken by the daily hassle of life. We forget how health is important and we are lured by materialistic things. Luxury lifestyle is the dream of almost every modern person on this planet. I am not saying it is bad. You are free to choose your dreams. I am only saying it is bad if we exclude health from the equation.

Most of us forget that health should be number one on the list of priorities, not something we do to have six-pack abs when summer approaches.

I am grateful to Allah for being that ill. It allowed me to reflect on the wasted years of my life, trying to better my career, my relationships, my finances, and not giving real importance to my health.

I did not completely neglect my body in the past. I was aware of the benefits of physical workout on the brain. I am today convinced that without health everything is useless and meaningless. Are you not convinced? Then if I gave you a billion Dollar in exchange for living as cripple for the rest of your life, would you accept the deal?

How about this: you become a millionaire and you die. Fair enough?

Don’t run after money. Don’t run after a career. Make health something very important to you, and then run.

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