How I Passed The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

First, why the cloud track?

  • Just like you must learn German to understand the culture of Germany and interact socially with people, I must learn the cloud language to be able to interact with cloud engineers.
  • Cloud skills are in demand. No doubt about it.

Why Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

  • my company offers free vouchers to all employees as part of a big Microsoft partnership up-skill plan.
  • Microsoft is the second largest public cloud provider in the market and is increasingly gaining market share and maybe could catch AWS one day.
  • My Microsoft Certified Professional title expired with Windows XP (Rest In Peace). So a new Microsoft cert in my resume would be nice.

Learning material for the AZ-900 exam

  • Microsoft free learning offering here
  • Internet search in the Microsoft website to find definitions of Azure services.
  • Youtube videos
  • Free practice tests:

My preparation method

Exam day

Since I took the proctored online version, I had to prepare the exam environment myself, from photographing my personal ID to cleaning up my desk. Yes, Pearson Vue pushed me to quickly clean up my desk, something I’ve not done since months now.. :-)

Viewing the exam report

This is not obvious. Reading in this thread, I learned I needed to check the Microsoft Certification Dashboard here. Select Pearson Vue and click OK.

az 900 exam score report 1
az 900 exam score report 1

You will get redirected to Pearson Vue. It takes a couple of seconds don’t panic waiting. The link you look for is just on the right column under My Account.

az 900 exam score report 2
az 900 exam score report 2

Feedback on my experience

  • I studied and passed the exam during the holy month of Ramadan
  • I had, as with all my previous certification preparation experiences, strong procrastination tendencies. This is seen strongly in the tracked study time. My study sessions varied a LOT in time. A LOT of yawning, sighing and eaten free time:

But I did not give up.


Next? we’ll see..

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