You asked: Do I need a podcast host if I have a website?

The hosting that you’re using on your website should only be used for the images and the texts for your blog. That’s pretty much about it. Everything else can be uploaded into a YouTube video, and of course, you’re going to need podcast hosting.

Do you need a podcast host and a website?

If you’re looking to start a podcast, you’ll need to sign up with a podcast hosting company to store your . mp3’s and create your podcast feed. Just like when you start a website or blog you need a web host, when you start a podcast you need a media host.

Can I use my website to host podcast?

Hosting a Podcast On Your Own Website Can Get You Banned

What this means is that when someone subscribes to your podcast, as they would subscribe to your blog, they receive your podcast (your audio or video files) automatically into their media consumption device of choice.

Is podcast hosting necessary?

The quick answer to the question “Do I need a podcast host?” is YES! Unless you know how to whittle your own RSS feed, which most of us don’t, you’re going to need a podcast host to make sure every episode gets from your computer into people’s ears.

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Should I have a separate website for my podcast?

And I would recommend that, just because for the purposes of people finding everything else that you have to offer, whether they come straight to your blog first and then find your podcast or come straight to the blog from your podcast and find all the other blog posts from there.

Do I own my podcast?

Your Feed is Intellectual Property

Your unique podcast feed is Intellectual Property. By keeping that under your own Web domain ( it remains under your ownership. If you give this URL to a third-party service, you give that control to that service.

Why do you need a domain name for a podcast?

This time, let’s look at why your podcast domain name is important. Every podcast needs a website to go with it. This site controls the distribution of the podcast to Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms, serves as a repository of episodes, and allows listeners to connect with the podcaster.

Are Google podcasts free?

Google Podcasts (formerly Google Play Podcasts) is Google’s standalone app for podcasts. The free app for Android and iOS is integrated with both Google Assistant and Google Home and is pretty minimalist, sporting an uncluttered interface and a handful of features. Google Podcasts is also available on the web.

Which website builder is best for podcasts?

Best website builder for podcasts: overview

  • Squarespace – best website builder for podcasts.
  • Wix – best website builder for externally hosted podcasts.
  • SITE123 – easiest to use website builder for podcasts.
  • Buzzsprout – quickest way to build a website for podcasts.
  • Podbean – great podcast hosting platform.
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Can WordPress host my podcast?

While you can record your own podcast and distribute it easily on and from your site, you can also automatically create a podcast on Anchor from any post. This product feature will convert your text into spoken word and allow you to manage your podcast episodes on Anchor directly.

Should I pay for podcast hosting?

If you don’t plan on monetizing your show and see podcasting purely as a fun hobby, a free podcast host could be good for you. If you want to grow your podcast as part of a business, then we’d recommend a paid podcast host because it’ll provide you with the robust podcasting features to grow your show.

How do I get my podcast on all platforms?

How to Submit Your Podcast for Distribution Everywhere

  1. Apple Podcasts. Apple is still the place to go regarding podcasts. …
  2. Amazon Podcasts. Amazon Podcasts is a very new service, and the submission process is relatively straightforward. …
  3. TuneIn. …
  4. Castbox. …
  5. Stitcher. …
  6. Overcast. …
  7. Pocket Casts. …
  8. Podbean.

Do you have to copyright a podcast name?

As soon as you publish a podcast using your show name and logo, technically you have created your trademark. You don’t HAVE to trademark it for legal protection against unauthorized use. If the mark is original, it becomes intellectual property as soon as it is made.