What is campground host?

A Camp Host (or campground host) is an RVer who lives on-site and provides services to the campground’s guests to ensure they have an enjoyable stay. A big part of the workamping community, camp hosting was actually the very first workamping job!

How do I become a campground host in Tennessee?

How do I apply for a Campground Host position?

  1. Download a host application HERE.
  2. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 615-532-5249 or tnstateparks.volunteer@tn.gov.
  3. Contact any participating park. You can see a list of parks that participate from the map, link and availability chart below.

How do you become a camp host in Missouri?

How to Become a Host

  1. To get started, click here.
  2. Each person hosting must fill out a separate application and can be completed at any time.
  3. Parks then select hosts from the list of applicants. …
  4. Click here to see current host openings or check out host openings on Better Impact.

How do I become a campground host in Colorado?

To apply for a camp host position, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. For more information about becoming a Camp Host, please contact the CPW Volunteer Program at cpw.volunteer@state.co.us or call (303) 291-7325.

How do I become a camp host in Oregon?

Park host volunteers are stewards of Oregon’s 256 state parks properties. As representatives of Oregon State Parks, they provide support for park guests, staff and our public lands.

What is required?

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Pass an annual criminal background check.
  3. Pass an annual driver’s records check.
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How do you become a camping host?

Campground Hosts must be at least 18 years of age and supply their own camper, trailer, etc. Many Campground Hosts are retired persons who enjoy spending their summers in the mountains. Campground Hosts do not pay camping fees, and may be reimbursed by the Forest Service for some incidental expenses.

How much do camp hosts get paid Colorado?

What Is the Average Camp Host Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Colorado $19,801 $1,650
Iowa $19,795 $1,650
Delaware $19,763 $1,647
New Mexico $19,684 $1,640

How do I become a campground host in Washington state?

Hosts must be at least 18 years old and are required to pass a criminal background check. Hosts must provide their own RV or camping unit; lodging cannot be provided. Host assignments typically require a 30-day commitment. This may be extended up to 90 days at the park manager’s discretion.