What does MultiViews do in Apache?

What is the purpose of AllowOverride directive?

Apache has an option called “AllowOverride” which allows you to override some Apache settings via a . htaccess file you can place in a directory. In it, you can override PHP settings, create URL rewrites, … Pretty much the basics for every website.

How do I turn off Apache MultiViews?

In /etc/apache2/httpd. conf you should find the section starting <Directory “/Library/WebServer/Documents”> and remove MultiViews from the Options directive there.

What is Mod_negotiation?

mod_negotiation is an Apache module responsible for selecting the document that best matches the clients capabilities, from one of several available documents. If the client provides an invalid Accept header, the server will respond with a 406 Not Acceptable error containing a pseudo directory listing.

What is timeout in httpd conf?

Timeout. Timeout defines, in seconds, the amount of time that the server waits for receipts and transmissions during communications. Timeout is set to 300 seconds by default, which is appropriate for most situations.

What is httpd used for?

httpd is the Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server program. It is designed to be run as a standalone daemon process. When used like this it will create a pool of child processes or threads to handle requests.

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What is AllowOverride in httpd?

AllowOverride directive is used to allow the use of . htaccess within the web server to allow overriding of the Apache config on a per directory basis.

How do I make Apache more secure by hiding a folder?

conf file for this site in /etc/apache2/sites-available (and linked it to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled). Open that . conf file in your favorite editor and in the Directory section change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All. Save and close the file.

How do I restrict directory listings from the web server configuration?

Steps to Preventing a Directory Listing

  1. Get Your Existing . htaccess File, If Any. …
  2. Make a Backup of the . htaccess File. …
  3. Create or Open the . htaccess File. …
  4. Disable Indexing. Add the following line to your . …
  5. Saving and Uploading the File. Once you’re done with disabling the directory listing in the . …
  6. Test Your Site.

What is FollowSymLinks?

Parameter Options FollowSymLinks enables you to have a symlink in your webroot pointing to some other file/dir. With this disabled, Apache will refuse to follow such symlink. More secure Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch can be used instead – this will allow you to link only to other files which you do own.

What is options indexes in Apache?

Enables default indexing on the Apache webserver using the Options + Indexes or Options indexes directory. This usually happens when the index (default) file is not available in the directory. Apache does not understand which file should be displayed on the page and which should list all the files on the page.

How do I know if I have LimitRequestFieldSize?

To view the LimitRequestFieldSize value enter the following command: grep “LimitRequestFieldSize” /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd. conf. If no LimitRequestFieldSize directives exist, this is a Finding.

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What is htaccess in Apache?

htaccess files allow users to configure directories of the web server they control without modifying the main configuration file. While this is useful it’s important to note that using . htaccess files slows down Apache, so, if you have access to the main server configuration file (which is usually called `httpd.

What is Apache keepalive?

The keepalive timeout is a timer that counts down, and is reset every time the web browser asks for a new item. So long as the browser keeps asking for more things, the timeout will not expire, even with a keepalive timout setting of 1 second. However, the default setting for Apache Keepalive Timeout is 15 seconds.