How do I reset world on bisect hosting?

How do you reset a world on a server?

Stop your server with the red Stop or Force Stop button. Under the World bar, change the name to anything you would like, as long as it is different from the previous world name. Restart the server. This will load a new world.

How do I roll back my bisect hosting server?

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  1. Log in to your BisectHosting games control panel.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Click Backups on the top bar.
  4. Click Restore on the backup you wish to restore.
  5. Choose from one of the following options: …
  6. Choose from one of the options: …
  7. Click Restore.
  8. Start your server.

How do I reset my minecraft server world?

Reset Minecraft World by Deleting World Files

Stop the server by closing the Minecraft server GUI or by using the /stop command in the server console. Navigate to your Minecraft server folder (e.g., C:my_server). Delete the world folder (e.g., C:my_serverworld). Start the server again.

How do you make a new world in BisectHosting?

How to create a new Terraria world

  1. Log in to your BisectHosting game control panel.
  2. Click File Management.
  3. Click config.txt.
  4. Locate and change the world setting to world=./Worlds/.wld.
  5. Locate and change the worldname setting to worldname=
  6. Select Save File.
  7. Restart your server.
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How do you reset Shockbyte world?


  1. Stop your server if it is currently running. …
  2. Navigate to Files > FTP File Access from the left sidebar.
  3. Log in to your server’s FTP File Manager.
  4. Select the world folder(s) you would like to delete from your server by checking the box next to it.

What does reset world do in realms?

How to reset your Realm. You can start with a completely new world inside your Realm at any time. Remember, this erases any progress you’ve made.

How do you reset chunks in Minecraft?

Hold down the F3 key, and press A. You will now see your Minecraft world being reloaded in chunks around you. This may take a few seconds depending on your system’s specifications, but once it’s done, any glitches or errors you may have had in the chunk rendering previously should be rectified.