Frequent question: How much does a Texas state park host make?

How do you become a camp host at Texas State parks?

Texas Camp Hosting Season Information

Camp hosts in Texas State Parks are required to host a minimum of one month at any given park and have a maximum limit of six months. However, you can be extended for up to two years with approval. Hosts are expected to work a minimum of 24 hours per week and some parks require 32.

What is a Texas State park host?

Park hosts are volunteers who supplement park staff and serve as representatives of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Hosts assist park visitors and support the operational needs of the park.

What are the duties of a campground host?

Campground hosts, or workampers, manage campgrounds across the country. In exchange for a free site to pitch a tent or park an RV they perform small tasks – greet guests, answer questions, do routine maintenance, light cleaning, and possibly collect campground fees.

Can you live at a Texas state park?

Yes! ‘” Bruce said. In exchange for volunteering for the park for 24 hours a week, Bruce and Nan are able to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country for free. … According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Park Hosts serve as “representatives and stewards” of Texas State Parks.

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How can I volunteer in Texas?

If you are not a resident of Texas please visit and register to volunteer in your State. Your information will be kept secure and shared only with emergency management officials during a disaster response. As a volunteer, you have the right to say “yes” or “no” to any requests for your services.

How do you become a camp host at Yellowstone?

If you are interested in this great opportunity and have a hard-sided RV, please contact Ranger Dan Kowalski at 307-344-2826. You can also visit, and in the Keywords search field, type, Yellowstone. This will bring up the Campground Host position where you can read more about it.

What does it mean to be a camp host?

A Camp Host (or campground host) is an RVer who lives on-site and provides services to the campground’s guests to ensure they have an enjoyable stay. A big part of the workamping community, camp hosting was actually the very first workamping job!

How do I become a campground host in Colorado?

To apply for a camp host position, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. For more information about becoming a Camp Host, please contact the CPW Volunteer Program at or call (303) 291-7325.

Can you carry a gun in a Texas state park?

Anyone 21 years old or older may carry a handgun in a holster (with or without a license) in most state parks. Handguns are not allowed in parks that are leased from the federal government. Check with the park before you go. Refer to Texas State Park Regulations for specific regulations – 59.134(d).

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What does it cost to camp in a Texas state park?

Pricing & Entrance Fees

Texas State Parks camp site fees are pretty darn reasonable – they’re usually in the $15-25 range per night, including water & electric hook-ups (some of their rare dry camping sites are under $10).

Can you drink at a public park in Texas?

It is legal to drink in public in Texas, unless you are in a State Park or an area where it is specifically prohibited (like places that sell alcohol, for example).