Can you message a host on Airbnb without dates?

How can I contact Airbnb hosts directly?

You can send them a message or pop open the Airbnb app and call them. If you’re wondering about check-in details and instructions, you’ll find them 3 days before the check-in date on your reservation’s itinerary page.

Can you send a message to a host on Airbnb before booking?

Before a reservation

You can check out the listing and click or tap Contact Host to send a message. Pro tip: If you want to ask about specific reservation details, enter the dates and number of guests for your trip before hitting Contact Host.

How do I message my Airbnb host?

If you’ve read the listing details and you still have questions, you can message a Host to ask about availability, amenities, your specific needs, etc. Go to the listing and click or tap Contact Host to send a message.

What happens if host doesn’t respond?

If your reservation request is declined by the host or expires (hosts have 24 hours to respond), no charge is made for the reservation and you’re free to book another place to stay. Find out more about checking the status of your reservation.

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Are Airbnb messages private?

Basically, Airbnb has access to all your chat logs. There are no “private messages” on their servers. Everything you message another user can and will be read without your consent (their “fine print” about privacy doesn’t actually say that outright of course but I guess they interpret that as your consent).

How do you message guests on Airbnb?

Using Airbnb messaging via email

  1. Go to Notifications.
  2. Under Messages, select the checkbox to receive messages via email.

Should I give my Airbnb host my email address?

For everyone’s security, you should always communicate through Airbnb. We keep your info secure, and we never share your email, even with your Host or guest after you have a confirmed reservation. If anyone sends you a message on Airbnb, you’ll get an email notification at the address you used to sign up.

Can Airbnb Host see my internet history?

Your Airbnb host won’t be able to see the sites you visit – all they’ll see is traffic to and from that server. Thanks to the encryption, any site blocks and data-stealing attempts will fail. Both of those depend on your internet traffic being plainly readable; if it’s not, they’re useless.

Can you block a host on Airbnb?

Tap Report this message

You must select They’re being offensive to block a user and follow the next few questions with the appropriate options. Describe the reason for blocking. Tap Submit, then Block this person and OK.

Why do Hosts decline on Airbnb?

Before we get into exactly how to decline bookings, let’s review some of the most common reasons why Airbnb hosts decline bookings: Scheduling conflicts. Sometimes hosts forget to update their calendars. They may have to then decline dates for which their properties should have been marked off as unavailable on Airbnb.

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How long do Airbnb hosts have to respond?

Hosts have 24 hours to accept or decline your request, but the vast majority reply within 12 hours. Chances are, it’ll be even quicker: More than half of all trip requests are accepted within one hour of the Host seeing it.

What if my Airbnb request expires?

If the request expires, the dates remain blocked on your calendar, so you’ll have to open them back up if you decide you can accommodate them. If you missed your 24-hour window to accept a guest you want to host, no worries: Ask them to send new request and throw in a special offer for good measure.