Can I transfer my Valheim world to a dedicated server?

To import a world to a dedicated server in Valheim, do the following: Download or copy the world files that you want to use. Navigate to the location where your dedicated world files are placed. That is usually the game’s own files located at: %userprofile%appdataLocalLow – type this in your RUN program.

Can I turn my Valheim server into a dedicated server?

Valheim dedicated server

You can put up a dedicated server on any PC, your call. Some will put it on a secondary computer, others on the same machine on which they’re going to play.

Can you transfer Valheim world to server?

Surprisingly, Valheim has made it quite easy for players to transfer or share worlds between each other. This is great, and not many are used to having such a seamless experience when transferring worlds or save files.

Is Valheim dedicated server free?

Install Valheim Dedicated Server. This is a separate free download from the game Valheim. Once it’s finished downloading and installing, right-click in the Valheim Dedicated Server entry in your Steam Library and select properties.

How much does a dedicated Valheim server cost?

Valheim server hosting by 1GServerHost starts at $14/month with add-ons if you need them.

How much is a server in Valheim?

The cost to host a Valheim server should be fixed per month as the server supports a maximum of 10 players and requires 4GB of RAM to run efficiently. This can range from $10 to $20 per month depending on the provider.

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How much is Valheim dedicated?

Host your own Valheim dedicated server to play with friends! For just $12.99, our Valheim servers allow you quick and easy setup to get you and your friends playing within minutes!

How do I copy a Valheim world file?

To clone a world:

  1. Back Up Your Existing World! ( …
  2. Go to AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimworlds and select and copy the . …
  3. Rename both files to the new name of the world. …
  4. Go to and use the tool there to modify the name that is stored in the fwl file.

Can you have multiple characters in Valheim?

There is no limit to the number of characters you can make; however, they will always be sorted alphabetically, so be sure to remember that when making a new one.