Are Apache gunners pilots?

Yes. Both crew stations flight controls, (the pilot sits in the back and the co-pilot/gunner sits in the front), are set up nearly identical. The flight controls are rigged in a way that allows either pilot to fly the aircraft.

Can the gunner fly the Apache?

The AH-64 Apache has a four-blade main rotor and a four-blade tail rotor. The crew sits in tandem, with the pilot sitting behind and above the co-pilot/gunner. Both crew members are capable of flying the aircraft and performing methods of weapon engagements independently.

Why does Apache have 2 pilots?

The difference between the two stations centers around the equipment controlling the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red). The co-pilot/gunner station has an additional screen and controls to allow him/her to manipulate the FLIR and fire the weapons.

What is the rank of an Apache pilot?

Most officers enter the Army as second lieutenants with a pay grade of O-1. Base pay for a second lieutenant was $34,517 per year, as of 2013.

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Was Harry an Apache pilot?

Harry later qualified as an Apache helicopter commander in 2013 after three years of training. While on a five-month tour in Afghanistan, he served as a co-pilot gunner – sharing flying duties and taking control of the weapons of the two-man Apache.

Was Prince Harry a pilot or gunner?

Harry, the younger brother of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, began helicopter pilot training in December 2008.

Why are Apache helicopters flying over my house?

The Number 1 Reason: Training

Most of the time, they are used for training purposes. If you live near a military installation, there is a high chance the military helicopters, planes, and jets fly over and past your house during training operations.

How much do Apache pilots make?

The salaries of Army Helicopter Pilots in the US range from $18,668 to $490,810 , with a median salary of $89,729 .

Are Apaches hard to fly?

As the most technically advanced helicopter in the world, the Apache AH Mk1 was also the hardest to fly…. To train each Apache pilot from scratch cost £3 million (each custom-made helmet alone had a price tag of £22,915).

How long does it take to be an Apache pilot?

The process can take 18 months or more. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rebekah M. Wottge went to training right away to become a pilot. She first completed basic combat training, then warrant officer candidate school.

Are Apache helicopters loud?

The AH-64 Apache helicopter is loud and proud. Sometimes too loud. So the team in Mesa, Arizona, decided to go beyond earplugs.

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What is the most difficult helicopter to fly?

The Huey is arguably the most difficult to fly because it doesn’t have any stabilization or autopilot aids available. On the other hand, the Huey is arguably the least difficult because it is the simplest to start up and the least complex overall by far.

Is Prince William a fully qualified helicopter pilot?

Prince William will today graduate from his Search and Rescue training course at Royal Air Force (RAF) Valley in Anglesey, Wales. He will now join C Flight of Number 22 Squadron, remaining at RAF Valley, as a fully qualified, fully operational Search and Rescue pilot flying the Sea King helicopter.

Can Prince Harry pilot a plane?

Prince Harry qualified as a co-pilot gunner (CPG) in February 2012 and was posted to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, to gain further flying experience and to operate the aircraft on a number of exercises.

Does Prince Harry know how do you fly helicopters?

Harry first got trained on helicopters in 2008 and in 2012 qualified as an Apache pilot — later serving as co-pilot gunner where he shared flying duties and took control of the two-man Apache during his time serving in Afghanistan.