Hardcore Procrastinator

I am a conscious fucking hardcore procrastinator.

In my childhood, I started Karate, reached the blue belt, and quit.

In my teenage years, I started Tae-Kwon-Do, reached the orange belt, and quit. One of my training colleagues continued to the end. Years later and before my marriage, I subscribed to Tae-Bo workout in my neighborhood. Guess who was the trainer…

Tae Bo
Palma Gym, Tunis

I started swimming in my college years. I trained every other day the whole week before going to classes. Then I quit.

I planned to do certification exams and find me sit for the exam years later. The Wireshark exam is the best example.

I wanted to start my CCIE journey a decade ago. I still did not even start reading a single CCIE-level book.

I wanted to build a multi-vendor home lab. I downloaded a lot of images but still have nothing built at home.

Setting my own deadlines does not work for me. I find myself rescheduling them over and over again.

As I explained in my previous blog post “Why I Stopped Believing in Personal Development“, consuming motivational material had no lasting effect on me.

What worked instead?

I don’t know how that works. I only know I managed to build a python script to automate Excel data extraction and verification in two business days. On the third day I build another python script to connect to devices and gather commands in a TXT file.

This is while I’ve been procrastinating to learn Python for years now.

A mixture of curiosity, imagination and no expectation of results whatsoever. I think it is a sort of impossible combination between “what if this idea works?” combined with “I don’t give a fuck if it ever works.” I find no words to explain the mental state any better.

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