Habitica As a Productivity Tool

I was looking for ways to increase my motivation to learn Anki flashcards. So I was browsing the internet in search of some popular extensions. I found Habitica.

I downloaded the extension for Anki, created an account, configured the API in Anki and started using it.

I think I am getting to like the tool a lot. I simply love the fact that achieving stuff helps me build an RPG character, which is rewarding in some way. Since I don’t have time to play video games – and while I was a big fan of video games in my teenage days – I feel like I am combining a past hobby with productive activity.

The people behind Habitica are simply brilliant!

Now, I am to progressively switch my tasks from Google Calendar to Habitica, because I like the fact that I am making my fictional character – the Habitican- earn some gold and experience, which will translate into equipment and magical potions.

And I really like the Android app. It is completely ad-free and well designed:

exploring habitica
exploring Habitica

I am also going to slowly stop tracking necessary low-level activities such as shopping, because I need to do them anyway. So there is really no value tracking them besides acknowledging the fact that they unfortunately take time.. Instead, I am converting them into Habitica as To-Do’s.

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