Free User Interface for Cisco MediaSense

Back in 2011 Cisco introduced MediaSense – the call recording solution for Cisco UC environment. Unfortunately, from the users’ perspective it only provides the basic “Search and Play” web-interface that is not as convenient as most MediaSense users require.


Cisco MediaSense Search’n’Play Interface

But, thanks to Aurus, an authorized Cisco Solution Partner, any company that deployed MediaSense can now get the free user interface on top of it.

How does it work and what is actually free?

Aurus flagship product is PhoneUP – a bundle of applications designed for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The “Record” module of PhoneUP is a complete recording solution for CUCM that supports SPAN-recording (port mirroring), BiB-recording (using the conference bridge embedded in Cisco IP-phone) and integrated with Cisco MediaSense to obtain the records.

So, what you can get for free is the PhoneUP promo-license that only allows 3 devices to be recorded with SPAN and BiB approaches, but does not limit the number of lines recorded with Cisco MediaSense. So, by installing PhoneUP with promo-license and integrating it with your Cisco MediaSense platform you will get the full-featured user interface to manage call recordings made with MediaSense.


You’ll be able to:

  • manage access rights to call records archive (based on users and user groups);
  • search the records by by date, time, phone number, employee’s name and client name;
  • search and play the call record on Cisco IP Phone;
  • get the email notification about the new call record;
  • playback the record into the current call (all call participants will hear it);
  • setup the audio notification about call being recorded to be played to both parties at the beginning of a conversation;
  • configure call recording rules.

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