You asked: What is AWStats in cPanel?

AWstats is a popular server log analyzer included with cPanel. It can generate a wide variety of traffic reports allowing you to understand who is visiting your website when they are visiting and which pages they visit the most.

How do I use AWStats cPanel?

Using AWStats to View Website Visitor Statistics in cPanel

Log in to cPanel. In the “Metrics” section, click the “Awstats” link or icon. If there are multiple domains in your account, you will be prompted to choose the domain for which you would like to see stats. Click the “View” link for the domain.

What is AWStats folder?

AWStats is a free application that is powerful and packed with tools that generates advance statistics of Web, Ftp and Mail server graphically. AWStats works as a CGI and shows you all information contained in logs via graphical web pages.

How do I use AWStats?

Installing and Configuring AwStats Package

  1. Install the AwStats package. …
  2. Enable the CGI module in Apache. …
  3. Restart Apache. …
  4. Duplicate the AwStats default configuration file to one with your domain name. …
  5. Edit the your AwStats domain name configuration file. …
  6. Update the settings shown below. …
  7. Save and close the file.

How do you read AWStats?

Awstats Terms

Number of Visits: The number of visits to your website made by all unique visitors. Pages: The number of full pages that have been viewed. Hits: The total number of hits for resources such as images or JavaScript files. Bandwidth: The total amount of bandwidth consumed serving all of the website requests.

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What is AWStats file?

Website. AWStats is an open source Web analytics reporting tool, suitable for analyzing data from Internet services such as web, streaming media, mail, and FTP servers. AWStats parses and analyzes server log files, producing HTML reports.

How accurate is AWStats?

AWStats maintains a list of IPs that belong to spiders or crawlers, but this list might not always be exhaustive, so, it is not cent per cent accurate. AWStats counts users by their IP addresses while Google analytics uses browser specific cookies for reporting the same.

Where does AWStats store data?

AWStats statistics database files are saved in directory defined by the DirData parameter in configuration file. With data in log file “/pathtoyourlog/yourlog.

Where do AWStats install?

To install AWStats which the server already has Apache webserver installed in it, execute the below command to install AWStats and all required dependencies using YUM. Start to configure Apache for AWStats, the default AWStats configuration file is located at the path /etc/httpd/conf. d/awstats.

How do you use Webalizer?

To install apache, run the following command from the terminal,

  1. $ yum install httpd. …
  2. $ mkdir /etc/webalizer. …
  3. $ cp /etc/webalizer.conf /etc/webalizer/ …
  4. $ vi /etc/webalizer/ …
  5. LogFile /usr/local/apache2//logs/test-domain1.com_access.log.

How do I reset AWStats?

Go to the File Manager. Select the Home directory and click Go. Navigate to the tmp/awstats folder. Move the files to a backup folder for future reference, or delete them from the directory.