Where is my host file in SAP?

The hosts file is located at WindowsSystem32driversetchosts.

How do I find my host file in SAP?


  1. On your Windows laptop, navigate to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  2. In Administrator mode, open hosts in Notepad. See your operating system Help for information on opening applications in Administrator mode.
  3. In a new uncommented row, add the IP address and hxehost . Save your changes. Spacing is important.

Where do I find my hosts file?

The hosts file is a plain text file used to map host names to IP addresses. On Windows, it is located in the C:WindowsSystem32driversetc folder.

How do I add to my host file?

Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP

  1. Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.
  2. Select File > Open.
  3. In the File name field, enter C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Make the necessary changes to the file.
  6. Select File > Save to save your changes.

Where is host name in SAP GUI?

How can we quickly and reliably find out the host name and IP address of an SAP server via the SAPGUI? Open the transaction “os01”. Click on “Application server”. The host name is now displayed.

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How do I find my host file in Windows 10?

In Windows 10 the hosts file is located at c:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts. Right click on Notepad in your start menu and select “Run as Administrator”. This is crucial to ensure you can make the required changes to the file. Now click File > Open and browse to : c:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts.

Where do I find my host file Windows 10?

Press Windows Key + R. Type %WinDir%System32DriversEtc into the Run window and click OK. Open the hosts file with a text editor such as Notepad. Hosts will not have a file extension.

What is in the host file?

A text file in a TCP/IP network that specifies the IP addresses of computer names and domain names. It is used to convert a request by name to a numeric IP address on the local network or the Internet.

How do I use a host file?

The hosts file is used to map hostnames (in other words domains) to IP addresses.


  1. Open up the Terminal;
  2. Use the nano command line text editor or a different one you have available to open up the hosts file. …
  3. Add the appropriate changes in the hosts file;
  4. Use the Control and X key combination to save the changes.

How do you maintain a host file in SAP?

The hosts file is located at WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. Follow the instructions in the hosts file to add an entry for each machine behind the firewall that is running a BI platform server or servers. Map the server machine’s hostname or fully qualified domain name to its external IP address.

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Where is hosts file Windows 7?

For Windows 7 and Vista

When Notepad opens, click File > Open. In the File name field, type C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts. Click Open. Make the necessary changes to the file.

How do I find my logical host name in SAP?

Consider an LPAR as ‘virtual host’ in SAP Solution Manager terms.


SAP Solution Manager SAP NetWeaver/SWPM IBM z Systems
Logical host Virtual host Virtual host name that is associated with a dynamic VIPA or other interface

What is host in SAP?

The host is the operating environment in which the SAP HANA database runs. The host provides all the resources and services (CPU, memory, network, and operating system) that the SAP HANA database requires. The host provides links to the installation directory, data directory, and log directory or to the storage itself.

How do I find my IP address in SAP ABAP?

Get IP address of the logged in user using SAP ABAP function module TERMINAL_ID_GET and class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GET_IP_ADDRESS

  1. Using Function module TERMINAL_ID_GET.