How do I enable cURL extensions in cPanel?

How do I enable PHP cURL extensions in cPanel?

Step 1: Login into cPanel with valid credentials.

  1. Step 2: Navigate to Files section and click the file manager icon.
  2. Step 3: Navigate to the public_html directory and find the php. …
  3. Step 4: Select the php. …
  4. Step 5: You will appear a popup window and click on the Edit button and proceed.

How do I enable cURL extensions?

cURL is enabled by default but in case you have disabled it, follow the steps to enable it.

  1. Open php. ini (it’s usually in /etc/ or in php folder on the server).
  2. Search for extension=php_curl. dll. Uncomment it by removing the semi-colon( ; ) in front of it.
  3. Restart the Apache Server.

How do I enable curling in GoDaddy cPanel?

How to Enable CURL on Go Daddy

  1. Type the IP number of your GoDaddy VPS or dedicated server followed by a (:) and the number “2087” into your browser window to access your cPanel. …
  2. Enter your cPanel root user name and your password in the appropriate fields in the login box.

Are PHP cURL extensions enabled?

How to enable PHP cURL extension?

  1. Open php. ini file located under php installation folder.
  2. Search for extension=php_curl. dll.
  3. Uncomment it by removing the semi-colon(;) in front of it.
  4. Restart the Apache Server.
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How do I know if curl is installed?

To check whether the Curl package is installed on your system, open up your console, type curl , and press enter. If you have curl installed, the system will print curl: try ‘curl –help’ or ‘curl –manual’ for more information . Otherwise, you will see something like curl command not found .

Is cURL enabled by default?

Required to “enable” cURL: The cURL, by default, is not enabled in Apache. If we try to run CURL programs without enabling CURL in Apache, the browser will throw an error.

How do I enable cURL on Linux server?

The procedure to install cURL on Ubuntu Linux is as follows:

  1. Update your Ubuntu box, run: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.
  2. Next, install cURL, execute: sudo apt install curl.
  3. Verify install of curl on Ubuntu by running: curl –version.

What is cURL extension?

cURL stands for the client URL. PHP cURL is a library that is the most powerful extension of PHP. It allows the user to create the HTTP requests in PHP. cURL library is used to communicate with other servers with the help of a wide range of protocols.

How do I enable PHP on Godaddy?

I have a web, and running well on my localhost. After I Upload on my godaddy hosting, My web got a bug.

  1. Go to your CPanel.
  2. Select PHP version.
  3. Click on the link Switch to PHP options.
  4. Edit your configuration.
  5. don’t forget to click save.

How do I enable cURL on Windows?


  1. In Windows, create a folder called curl in your C: drive.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and move the curl.exe file to your C:curl folder.
  3. Move the cacert. …
  4. Add the curl folder path to your Windows PATH environment variable so that the curl command is available from any location at the command prompt.
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How does cURL work?

cURL, which stands for client URL, is a command line tool that developers use to transfer data to and from a server. At the most fundamental, cURL lets you talk to a server by specifying the location (in the form of a URL) and the data you want to send.

How install Cacert PEM in PHP INI?

2 Answers

  1. Edit the /etc/ssl/certs/cacert. pem file, and add your new CA public key to the bottom.
  2. Edit php. ini and add the line openssl. cafile=/etc/ssl/certs/cacert. pem to the top (or bottom).
  3. Restart the webserver.